Getting CCBA Certifications Online

A Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) can help individuals market themselves in a technical business field such as a business analyst position. This certification is becoming well-known in the business world as technicians and other business professionals struggle for the best positions. Earning certification could allow someone to rise above the competition in a particular technical business field.

One way to earn this resume-worthy credential is through SimpliLearn. The company offers comprehensive ccba training online to be done at the pace and in the spare time of the student. This allows an individual to take the time needed to complete each of the nine chapters and perform successfully on each end-of-the-chapter quiz. The iiba certification training includes an e-book to be downloaded by the student as well as individual instruction comparable to that received inside a classroom. The student will have access to the course for 30 or 180 days and will be fully prepared for the required CCBA exam upon completion of the course and material. The training includes four practice exams as well as three case studies so the person will be fully prepared to use what is learned online in the real business world.


The certification prepares an individual for difficult or complex data analysis situations in the professional world. The course teaches one how to analyze content and comprehend different forms of data presentations. Because the learning is through an online platform, individuals will also learn how to operate the internet efficiently and to use it in a professional setting. These skills are important for any career whether just starting out or advancing up the business chain. There are additional technical business programs to consider after obtaining this certification. However, this program is definitely the place to start.

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) requires a skills assessment exam before issuing the full certification for CCBA skills. Success on this exam will set apart those who have some training from those who have mastered all the necessary skills. Once the online course is completed, interested persons must register for the exam. Once the exam has been passed, that individual will receive an official certificate (although a certificate for passing the online course is also included) and can then place the skill on his or her resume. Most hiring agencies and business professionals are familiar with the certification and will recognize it on a person’s resume.


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